Our Process

We became experts in the creation of e-learning content while working in the training department at NAV CANADA. Our experience in web development, programming, graphic and UX design were cornerstones of the modernization of NAV CANADA training.

Our Process Involves:

  • Working with subject matter experts directly when possible
  • Educating and involving our clients in our process
  • Developing content ourselves and bring in experts when necessary to ensure the best possible outcome for our clients
  • We stay focused on the learning objective.
  • We ensure the content is relevant and engaging.
  • We use all possible resources to ensure the content reaches the desired audiences.
  • We implement a seamless desktop and mobile user experience.


We were personally involved in the creation of over 25 quality e-learning courses for NAV CANADA, delivered to over 4,000 concurrent users nationwide. Air Traffic Controllers from across Canada were enrolled into Transport Canada regulated courses while their progress was tracked. Other departments we assisted were Human Resources, Communications, Engineering and Recruiting.


NAV CANADA is the company that owns and operates Canada’s civil air navigation service (ANS), managing over 18 million square kilometres of Canadian and oceanic airspace. With 40,000 customers and 12 million aircraft movements a year, they are the world’s second-largest air navigation service by traffic volume.